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“I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high-functioning sociopath”

Sherlock Holmes Painting and Art Prints

Mixed-Media Grunge Painting of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch). I really enjoyed painting this, and it’s proven rather popular so I’ve made prints available. You can grab yourself an art print or an iphone cover of this painting over here :-)


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Learning to draw the human figure is a lifelong challenge for an artist, should they choose to take it on. Occasionally I like to go back to basics, and that’s why I’ve painted these human skull Studies. I think they look menacing! They’re painted in Photoshop with a drawing tablet. I’ve tried to show some of my process for those who are interested :-)

Human Skull Studies


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This week’s contribution to Illustration Friday. The topic is ‘Ocean’
Ocean Illustration

But Dan, this piece is 6 months old, why are you posting it? What? I’m busy this week and I don’t have time to draw one from scratch :-(

Here are some sketches to make up for it :-)

Shark Sketches Sea Creature Sketches

See more illustrations in my portfolio, and more sketches and other works on my Creativity Blog
Peace Out :-)

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I didn’t go to art school. The internet has been my sole source of learning, along with what has and will continue to be, a lot of concentrated practice. I’m still working on those studies I mentioned a week or so ago. Here are some more :-)

Anne Hathaway Painting

Anne Hathaway (study). I recently watched Les Mis recently at the cinema. Anne Hathaway was amazing. At the end, the lights didn’t turn on for a couple of minutes. I wondered why they hadn’t turned on, then when they did, I realised that most of the people around me were crying. A very powerful film. I cried as well, but they were tears of joy because I enjoy the misery of others…
I’m kidding of course!

Here’s a study of myself. The camera was shoved in my face and I generally don’t like being in photos, hence the snooty expression.

Face Study 4

I’ll keep you updated with the best bits :-)

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Say hello to my ‘hangups’ – I’ve decided to lock them in cupboard, and that’s where they’ll stay for the time being. They weren’t helping me anyway ;-)

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This is my contribution to this week’s Illustration Friday topic ‘ZOOM’

It took 50 minutes to paint in photoshop :-)

Here’s a process video:

Here are the thumbnail sketches it was born from. (A5 moleskine sketchbook, pencil):

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I’m really proud of these guys. They started as sketches in my moleskine sketchbook, and have been brought to life in photoshop with some careful painting.

Here’s the original sketch. I think the sketches are nice in their own right :-)

Dryad concept sketch

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Monster Growling Practice

Here’s an example of how I can work from sketch to painting. I recorded a full session of me painting the illustration, but the recording software corrupted my video :-(  I’ll try some other software and hopefully it’ll work out next time :-)

This took 2 hours to paint in Photoshop (digitally). My paintings usually take a lot longer, because I spend most of the time refining the details – I felt that this piece looks great as it is :-)

This piece was my submission to the Illustration Friday challenge “Mirror”. If you would like to enter, there is a new challenge every week! – >> link

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my comfort zone, and whether I’m getting too comfortable in my environment (hence the above illustration). They say that ‘comfort kills creativity’ and I think that’s very true. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do – we all have things we’ve put off for years, dreams that have been put on the back burner, but life is so short, and wouldn’t it be a crying shame if we never gave those things a shot! I am inviting you to give those things some thought – seize the moment, and over the next few days do one thing towards a dream that you’ve been putting aside – and please tell me the result!

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Earlier today I did some sketching in the sun. These guys are the result. I like to use a bic biro (medium or fine) to sketch with – try it, they are perfect for sketching. (click to enlarge)

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rubber chicken

I’m waiting for a response regarding a query. This sketch is the manifestation of my frustration. It’s good to turn a negative into a positive : )

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Latest Illustration! I’ve been bursting to draw up this idea for a while. Meet Pigface and Grotbag, the world’s greediest dragons!

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# Please note – this competition is now closed.

To celebrate hitting 100 ‘likes’ on my Facebook page, and the opening of my Etsy Store, I’m running a (stupidly easy) competition with a giveaway – I want to give something back to my supporters. The prize is a Signed 16×12″ Print of my Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) Illustration. If you win it, you can keep it, give it away, sell it, use it as a dart board, burn it – whatever you like!

How to enter:

Twitter Users: simply retweet this Tweet on my Twitter Feed and follow me.
Facebook Users: ‘Like’ this post, and ‘Like’ my Facebook Page (if you haven’t already)

If you want to increase your chances, do both!

Closing Date – This Friday (31st August)

Boris Print Giveaway

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This is my entry to the weekly Illustration Friday challenge. This week’s topic was ‘Bounce’. I put my heart into this. It took me 8 hours, and it was worth every minute.

Here is a detail of the monster’s face:
Face Detail
I love this challenge, because it encourages people of all skill levels and styles to create something from a single brief, and the entries are usually very diverse.

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